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Autistic and ADHD Without Knowing: The High School Years

Teenage life during the 1980s, with no support for autism and ADHD Some of the items from my teenage years. In previous posts, I've written about my experiences at college and primary school , when I didn't know I was autistic and ADHD. Now it's time to fill in the gap, by looking back at my high school years. (That covers the age range 11–16 here in the UK.) It's the most difficult thing I've written so far. A number of unpleasant memories have resurfaced, including bullying. I've jumped about on the timeline, partly to try to keep related things together, and partly because that's how my mind works. There's also a long — but incomplete — list of music at the end. I keep thinking of all the things that I've not included, but I have to stop somewhere. I hope I've managed to edit it into something readable. New House My family moved house in 1979, just before I transitioned to high school. But I didn't want to move. I loved the bungalow we us