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Autistic and ADHD Without Knowing: The Primary School Years

Life as a child in the 1970s, with no support for autism and ADHD [For people who are not familiar with the UK school system, primary school covers ages 4–11.] Some of the books and school projects from my childhood. Photo taken by the author. My memories of childhood and primary school have always been somewhat hazy. It's now around 40 years since those days, so please forgive me if my jumbled thoughts are not very well organised. (When I found one or two classmates on Facebook several years ago, I was amazed by how much detail they remembered about school, compared to me.) At Home I never went to any kind of nursery / kindergarten, and had little contact with other children before I started school. My mum didn't work, and we seemed to be at home for much of the time. (My dad worked 5 1/2 days a week, so I only saw him in the evenings and at weekends.) As the youngest of three, I tended to play games with my sisters quite often. Sometimes they would go out in the evenings; it