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My Rant From 2013: How Virgin Media Treat the Widowed

The problems I had, trying to take over my late wife’s account Image created by the author. Several years ago, not long after my wife died, I posted a few articles on one of my old websites. A few years later, I closed the site, and I feel like it’s time to make those articles available once more. This one is from October 2013, and it’s about the trouble I had with Virgin Media. I hope that they treat widowed customers better nowadays, than they did back then. [Note: For privacy, I’ve changed my wife’s name to Jane.] Transferring Utility Accounts After Jane passed away, I had to contact quite a number of utility companies and financial institutions. We’d lived at the same address for nearly 20 years. Some bills were in joint names, and others were in just one name. For those that were in Jane’s name, in general, it’s not been too much trouble to get things changed over to me. But in one particular case, things have been especially difficult. Virgin Media. They provide our