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Autism and Sensory Issues — Brief Thoughts About Loud Music

Why do I like loud music at home, but not at parties? Music was, and I suppose still is, quite an important thing to me. As a child, I remember feeling so many emotions, listening to chords and vocal harmonies in songs. Music can lift my mood, and help me to deal with feelings such as sadness more quickly, by listening to music that reflects my mood. Photo taken by the author. I like the sound quality to be good, but I'm not someone who spends thousands on hi-fi equipment. Also, I often like music to be quite loud (but not deafening). 
Something which puzzles me is that when I go to a family birthday party, the music playing at the disco will often hurt my ears. If the equipment is turned up too loud — beyond its capabilities — the resulting distortion is unbearable to me! 
But yet I seem to be the only person affected. Everyone else at the party will be chatting away, enjoying themselves. And I'm covering my ears up, unable to hear what anyone is saying to me! 
And a